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About Us

The Challenge

Diagnosing and managing chronic health conditions often requires repeated injection of small molecules or biologic drugs. This imposes a major burden on the healthcare system, reduces patient compliance, and cuts off potentially fruitful avenues of drug discovery. Effective oral delivery of these substances could be transformational, but traditional approaches – like chemical enhancers, complex biological mechanisms, and micro- or nano-scale devices – have fallen short. We believe that no existing approach to oral delivery of complex payloads can yet be broadly applied.

Traditional Approaches

Our view is that traditional approaches to this difficult drug delivery problem have relied on a combination of chemicals, complex biological mechanisms, and micro- or nano-scale devices that are narrow in their application or hard to scale. 

Our Solution

Entrega's proprietary technology seeks to solve the oral delivery problem with a simple and elegant engineering solution that protects the payload and delivers it at the right place and time for high bioavailability. The technology has the potential to deliver a wide variety of biological molecules, drug substances and nanoparticles. Entrega's platform enables novel applications in a variety of fields, such as disease management and tracking in the burgeoning mobile health arena. Entrega is collaborating with pharma and non-pharma industry partners to develop the platform for innovative therapeutic and diagnostic modalities.